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A few months back we were approached by an existing client to design and produce a ‘Concept’ shop for the first standalone MOOMIN shop in the UK, located in Covent Garden. The MOOMIN brand has a very strong following across the globe and it was very important to get it right.

Design inspiration was taken from the forest theme of the delightful MOOMIN illustrations. The ground floor entrance leading up to the shop also followed the forest theme by cladding the existing stair balustrade with tree like shapes. Walls are decorated with MDF painted scenery and characters from the books.

Wall display cabinets in the shop are all bespoke, designed with the MOOMIN house in mind. Design detail like ‘tiled roofs’ made from MDF were incorporated with each unit and colours are muted, yet playful. The greatest challenge was the lack of wall space to display the vast selection of products. To help overcome this issue all the display cabinets were built around the site’s structural columns.

The MOOMIN shop opened on time to the delight of both loyal followers and new customers.

Posted by admin on Monday, March 12th, 2012