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MIN 2 Side hanging rail
MIN 6 Framed shelf
Min 3 Rail top shelf – multiple setup
Minima display prongs
Minima hanging panel
MIN 4 Forward Display Arms

MINIMA system cleverly uses one point of attachment to provide the anchor for a whole wall of garment or accessory display. A stainless steel strip attached to the wall at above head height enables many types of fitting to be placed – or moved.

Garments can be side hung on the rail or front appraised on the other special rail for forward hanging. Display shelves can be stacked above each other – all hanging by specially shaped rods from the overhead steel strip.

New additions to this system include a panel and a display and storage base to match. The panel is made to your specifications to contain as many or as few anchor points for merchandise hooks as you require. The base unit serves a dual purpose as display platform and storage for replenishment stock.

Clients using this system include up-market multiple Marilyn Moore who repeatedly uses MINIMA for each new shop. Accessories design company, Elite have recently refurbished their entire showroom using this system.

MINIMA can also be used in a domestic setting as its versatility really lends itself to contemporary kitchen interiors.