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Matrix Display

Matrix panels with solid joints fixed direct to wall. Floating shelves on M2 shelf supports
Where additional flexibility is required panels can be fixed to this top-rail, floor fixed system
Front appraisal rails are available in lengths ranging from 75 – 310mm
M4 Rail assembly
Matrix system used horizontally

This is the original ferrule system designed by Dick Stringer for PINK SODA’s new PARIS showroom. The system has been developed and added to and is always a constant favourite amongst our clients due to its minimal looks and versatility. Much copied, MATRIX DISPLAY by Dick Stringer is acknowledged to be the best system of its type.

Now totally customisable, the MATRIX DISPLAY wall system is available in both standard and bespoke finishes. Central floor units (gondolas) are also available to match MATRIX DISPLAY.

Metal components can be Stainless or Chrome, EPC Paint finished in neutral or colours. Panels are able to be endlessly customised from standard spray painted finish to textures, or laminates or wallpapers.

Often available from stock we do keep much of this system in ‘raw state’ ready to be finished to customer’s requirements. Consequently, we are often able to meet tight deadlines and short time frames.

Once in use MATRIX DISPLAY can be easily re-configured without the use of special tools. Your whole shop can be quickly changed around allowing for changing stock levels and seasonal profiles.

Shelving Rods

These rods are made in different sizes, both in length and thickness. They provide the basis of this system’s versatility.

The rod provides multiple display uses.

A. It acts as a support for shelving – glass, shaped and floating
B. It acts as a front appraisal system for hanging garments
C. It acts as a single garment display in the short format

The versatility of this item will enable you to re do your shop in the future with a totally different configuration as the components are multi use. Extra parts can be added to your original order at any time in the future creating a future proof answer to your merchandising needs.


A great way to fit your shop and create ease of fitting, depth and texture is to use MATRIX PANELS mounted on battens. This is easy, straightforward and gives a new wall surface.

The panels come as a standard size (1220x2440mm) pre fitted with the attachment points (as shown) or can also be made to your specification both for size and fitting configuration. This allows you total control over the spacing of your shelves and rails.

The panels can be spray painted to your colour specification including sheen level. Real wood veneers that are varnished look amazing and deluxe. Textured panel material is another option for use in this system offering further options for a custom finish.

A truly versatile method of creating your wall display.

Alternative MATRIX DISPLAY wall fixing options

A. Metal Uprights (part no. M25) see photo examples
B. Wall sockets (part no M1) needs solid wall to provide solid fixing

Garment rails

Garment rails are made in two weights to accommodate both normal and heavy clothing.

Which ever way you choose to use MATRIX DISPLAY the garment rails are attached by industrial strength bolts operated by a simple Allen key.

Floating shelves

These shelves are made to fit on to the MATRIX DISPLAY shelving rod giving an appearance of ‘floating’ or having no means of support. Both unlit and lit options are offered. Again, as they are made to your specification a wide range of finishes are available.

Horizontal display

This is created by using our special MATRIX DISPLAY fitting to give horizontal options for merchandising. This is a non-standard system offering you more options to for gift merchandising.